How Much Does Mary J. Blige Get Paid For Acting On Power Book II?

Since her debut album, What’s the 411?, Mary J. Blige has reigned supreme in the music industry for the past 30 years. Though the New York-born singer is most renowned for her powerful vocals and lyrics, she has recently wowed fans and critics with her outstanding acting ability.

Blige has demonstrated that she is unstoppable, from Netflix’s Mudbound and The Umbrella Academy to her role as Monet Stewart Tejada in Power Book II: Ghost. 

Tariq St. Patrick (Michael Rainey Jr.), the college-age son of late New York drug magnate James “Ghost” St. Patrick, is the focus of Power Book II: Ghost (Omari Hardwick). Tariq meets Monet while trying to free his mother Tasha (Naturi Naughton) from prison while also supporting himself and his family.

In Power Book II: Ghost, the My Life singer plays Monet Stewart Tejada, a violent drug lord who wears stilettos. Monet has taken over the Tejada mafia family now that her husband is in prison. Even though her three children, Cane (Woody McClain), Diana (LaToya Tonodeo), and Drew (Lovell Adams-Gray), are young adults, she is calculated and assertive in their lives.

“It was easy to put this character into play because I know what Power is about,” Blige told the LA Times. “I grew up in the inner city, in the projects. I’ve seen what it really is, and Courtney and 50 have been so brilliant in showing it. I saw Ghost in front of my building growing up. I hung out with Monet. I knew Tasha.”

Blige gave a little about where we might see Monet in the second season of Power Book II: Ghost, based on her own personal experiences. “Monet is very black-hearted, and if you get in her way, it can be really bad for you,” she explained. “It’s going to be her way or no way. When the new money starts rolling in, she turns into an even bigger monster.”

What is Mary J. Blige’s net worth?

Blige has been a powerful force in the music industry long before she began exhibiting her acting skills. She signed with the late Andre Harrell’s Uptown Records in the late 1980s, when she met Diddy. What’s the 411?, Blige’s debut album, was produced by the Bad Boy Records founder in 1992. She has been an international sensation since then.

The music legend’s net worth is $20 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

What is Mary J. Blige’s salary on ‘Power Book II: Ghost’?

Blige’s fortune continues to climb as she prepares to resume her role as Monet in Power Book II: Ghost Season 2. “In the second season, Tariq’s journey with the Tejada family will get even more complicated — and more dangerous — as he begins to understand the man he’s going to become,” Power creator Courtney A. Kemp told TVLine.”

According to the Express, the singer of No More Drama is paid $400,000 every episode of the offshoot series. We think the two-time Oscar nominee is well worth it.

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