A Black Multi-Millionaire Couple Fed Over 300 Families During COVID-19 

Meet Antario and Derricka Harwell, a multi-millionaire couple who started from nothing. Most people consider the Harwells to be a true rags to riches story. They used to rely on government aid and lived paycheck to paycheck, or, as Mrs. Harwell puts it, “paycheck to no check,” because paychecks were frequently spent before they arrived. The Harwells launched a multimillion-dollar financial and real estate firm from their rented living room over 7 years ago, and have now amassed a combined net worth of over 29 million dollars.

Despite the Harwells’ great numerical achievements, it is their community service that is most notable and well-known.

Antario and Derricka have created a variety of community-based programs, ranging from college scholarships and grants for high school seniors to their financial literacy tour in inner-city high schools, educating students on finances and credit that they may not have otherwise been taught, and even monthly giveaway events that assisted in covering the cost of rent, mortgage, or groceries in lower-income communities who needed help but were not eligible. When the epidemic came in February of 2020, it was no surprise that the Harwells were working to find a solution to help families who were suffering.

After setting up a grocery delivery account with a mainstream company, the Harwells agreed that Derricka would use her large social media following to reach out to families in need of food (specifically groceries), and over the next 17 months, they assisted approximately 17 to 18 families (monthly), totaling over 250 families, at a cost of over $200,000. When asked why they would make such a commitment to total strangers, Mr. Harwell’s response was, “Simple, we were once that family who was in need, so we just want to do what was never done for us.” He went on to say that this was no simple undertaking because his wife is expecting their seventh child and has been diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, a life-threatening sickness that requires her to be on a stomach pump, a home IV, and round-the-clock nursing care and daily medicines.

The Harwells stated that they will continue to serve the community, and that anyone in need could contact them through their website, They are staunch believers in the principle that to whom much is given, much is expected, and they have emphasized that their commitment to the community will never end.

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