A Construction Firm Owned by a Black Family Has Secured Seven Multi-Million Contracts including NYC’s JFK Airport

According to Black Enterprise, a Black family-owned construction firm was given seven multimillion-dollar contracts, including one with New York City’s JFK Airport. 

Choates G Contracting LLC, a Black, family-owned construction enterprise based in Philadelphia, is owned by Darrell K. Choates, Sr., his father, son, and grandson. The Choates family has more than four decades of expertise in the industry, and Mr. Choates, who serves as the company’s face, has earned a reputation as a well-respected CEO. 

The company is a recognized Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) that specializes in handling large-scale development projects, such as the construction of senior living apartments and the provision of software licensing platforms for Smart City development.

Choates is also the founder of Logan Community Enterprise Center, a community service organization based in Philadelphia. 

Choates has garnered numerous awards for his efforts, including Minority Contractor of the Year in 2011 and a Best of Philly award in both 2014 and 2016. Choates Contracting has now been awarded seven additional multimillion-dollar contracts for major initiatives, including a $30 million project at JFK Airport’s Terminal 1 and a $25 million project in Ghana.

Choates said they won’t be slowing down anytime soon, citing the recent expansion of their corporate holdings.

Personal Care Home C&G, which provides services for the sick and elderly, recently launched a platform called Heartbeat Health Care that allows physicians to deliver telemedicine throughout the pandemic andis one of the newest options. They’ve also teamed up with Israeli firm Mobi Technology to develop “Smart City” solutions that address concerns such as traffic congestion, emergency communication, and criminal tracking. 

The Choates family hopes to continue providing high-quality services to their community, with the goal of creating more jobs for residents in the areas they serve, expanding internationally, and consistently looking for ways to support organizations and social causes that help the country progress in a positive direction.

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