After Giving Praises to Janet Jackson for Father’s Play in Doc, Mathew Knowles is Being Called Out

Mathew Knowles, Beyoncé’s father, is facing backlash after expressing his reaction to Janet Jackson’s disclosures about her late father, Joe Jackson.

This weekend, Knowles was one of the numerous people who watched the Janet Jackson documentary. Rather than keeping his thoughts on the docuseries to himself, Beyoncé’s father took to Instagram to praise Jackson for speaking positively of her late father Joe, despite family claims of him abusing them as children.

Knowles praised the documentary for “answering a lot of things” for him, calling it “excellent.”

“The first half was dedicated to her childhood which unveiled the curtain on how much, although a strict disciplinarian, Joe Jackson loved his kids, wanted the best for them, and was an extremely smart, strategic, and effective manager, unlike the villain that mainstream media have painted,” Knowles expressed in his caption.

“Janet, Randy, and Tito repeatedly said “if not for Joe, we would have not had the success,” Knowles added.

“Today’s news take is focused more on the wardrobe malfunction with Justin Timberlake, and Joe Jackson’s role as a loving Black father/manager is completely forgotten! Thank you, Janet, for stepping up and telling the true story,” Knowles added.

Many people sent flowers to Knowles in appreciation of his work managing Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child. However, given Knowles’ strained relationship with his two eldest daughters, Beyoncé and Solange, the Bey Hive wasted no time in slamming the patriarch for interjecting himself into a moment that wasn’t meant for him.

“Beyoncé come get your daddy,” one person replied. “What was he trying to say?” asked someone else.

“Was you there, in their home.. to witness what they went thru?” another user asked.

According to HuffPost, Knowles has been estranged from Beyoncé and Solange after cheating on Tina Lawson and fathering two children with other people.

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