Cause of ‘Friday’ Star Anthony Johnson’s Death Revealed

According to the medical examiner, years of heavy drinking led to the death of Anthony Johnson. It’s something his wife wanted people to know.

The cause of death for the “Friday” star is “chronic ethanol use,” according to his autopsy report, which was acquired by TMZ.

When officials did a toxicology test on the doctor, they detected no alcohol or common drugs of abuse in his system. There’s one more thing, although no indications of pneumonia were identified, the coroner’s office discovered he had just tested positive for COVID.

Anthony’s widow, Lexis, tells us that a foundation she’s starting in his name will carry on his legacy.

She also wants the cause of death to be made public as a warning to others about the dangers of drinking too much alcohol.

Lexis is now making it her mission to educate young people about the risks of drinking by speaking to them at church. Lexis has other close friends who have lost their children to alcohol, in addition to Anthony. She now wants people to be inspired by Anthony’s legacy to put the bottle down. Also, according to reports, she told the ME about AJ’s drinking habits.

As already said, last year, a business in the Los Angeles region discovered Johnson’s body. He was taken to the hospital, where he was subsequently declared dead.

He was most well-known for his role as Ezal in the original “Friday” film, but he also had roles in films like “Menace II Society,” “House Party,” “The Players Club,” and others, among others.

When the news broke, everyone in Hollywood was stunned, and none other than Offset contributed to the family’s burial expenses.

He was 55 when he passed away.

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