Father Died in Front of Daughter During Custody Exchange

After dropping off his daughter during a custody exchange, a father was shot in the parking lot of a police station over the weekend.

Stuart D. Jeffries, 33, was shot and killed by his ex-new wife’s boyfriend inside a Virginia police station last week, according to WTVR. During the custody exchange, Jeffries, who had gone to drop off his eight-year-old daughter, was killed in front of her in the parking lot.

Jeffries was shot in the parking lot of the Appomattox Police Station at 2920 W. Broad St., according to the Chesterfield Police Department. The road is known as the Hundred Road. The incident occurred at around 6:30 pm last January 16, 2022.  

On Facebook, a relative of Jeffries talked about the horrific shooting.

“Now this one just pissed me off!! Cuz was shot and killed trying to be a good father. There are so many unnecessary killings going on in our community. We have so many so called wanna be gangstas that will kill someone over stupid mess! Everyone is walking around with a gun trying to prove they ain’t no punk or they ain’t soft. I myself was guilty of this stupidity. Killing someone doesn’t make you a man, but walking away does.”

“R.I.P. Stuart StayFresh Jeffries”

Corey D. Goodson Sr., 44, has been identified as the assailant and was caught on the spot. 

 Second-degree murder and the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony are the charges against him.

“Two parties met to complete a child custody exchange in the parking lot at Appomattox Police Station,” it was confirmed by a Chesterfield Police spokesperson in an email.”

“At the time of the exchange, an on-duty officer was working in his patrol vehicle in the station parking lot; the officer was facing away from where the custody exchange was occurring.”

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