Jenifer Lewis Celebrates her 65th Birthday By Showing Everyone her High Kicks 

Jenifer Lewis, a legendary actress, celebrated her 65th birthday on January 25 by showcasing her flexibility.

Lewis, dressed completely in black with red sneakers, is seen in the video jamming along to a song while doing high kicks in between each phrase in what appears to be her backyard on her special day.

The “black-ish” star said, “It’s my birthday! I’m 65! And I’m still alive! I don’t take no jive! Look how I thrive! It’s my birthday.” As the video progressed, Lewis explained why she continues to do her distinctive high kicks.

She explained that these actions are being taken to deviate from the stigma associated with becoming older. Lewis stated, “Hi, everybody, I still do these high kicks because I like to promote health. You know women over 60, but we are fabulous people, all of us over 60. Yes. Look at that.”

The “Meet the Browns” star ended the video by introducing her fans to her dog Butters and thanking everyone who wished her a happy birthday. “This is Butters, everybody. That’s Mama’s boy right there. Thank you for my happy birthday wishes.”

“I’m 65, and I’m still alive. Love y’all stay safe” Lewis captioned the post alongside the video. Many viewers were amazed at Lewis’ movements as they watched the actress’s upload. Lewis allegedly flaunted her high kicks on purpose to show folks “she still got it,” according to some. 

“Throwing a few high kicks in there to show ‘em you still got it!! happy birthday!!”

“Happy Birthday Beautiful, it’s the high kicks for me.”

“She can still put her legs behind her head, wow!!!”

“She kicks higher than me.”

“Mama added them kick in there to show them bastards she still got it.”

Among the high kick remarks, others mentioned how amazing the star looked for her age. One wrote, “Happy Birthday, you’re looking good. You should drop some gems on how to look like that at 65.” Another said, “Happy birthday 65 never looked so good.”

A third Instagram user questioned if Lewis is actually 65 by saying, “@jeniferlewisforreal there’s obviously a mistake on your birth certificate, young lady! Happy Birthday! Living with extra flavor.”

You can watch the video here:

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