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Man Graduates College from the Same College He once Worked as a Janitor

Man Graduates College from the Same University He once Worked as a Janitor

While still in his teens, Franz Beaz and his mother migrated to the US from the Dominican Republic and settled in New York. He worked as a janitor at Langone Tisch Hospital, a hospital run by New York University. While working as a janitor enrolled as a student and recently after completing his studies graduated with a degree in nursing.

In an interview with ABC News, Frank explained that he could hardly speak English when he began working at the hospital. He looks back at where he has come from and he says that he is very proud of his accomplishments. Frank began working as a cleaner at the hospital; he cleaned wards, bathrooms, and hallways all in an effort to provide for the needs of his family. With time, he developed an interest in medicine and when a vacancy for a patient transporter came up, he confidently forwarded his application. Luckily, his application was accepted and he started helping to move the sick to and from the wards to operating rooms and for check-ups within the hospital. However, forfeited his job as a patient transporter and decided to enroll in Hunter College for a bachelor’s degree becoming the first person in his family to get a college education. Additionally, while working at New York University, Franz always looked at the nurses with admiration and desired to be like them someday. He saw how the nurses cared about the patients and the love they had for their jobs. He wanted to go back and work at NYU but this time round as a medical practitioner.

The nurses Frank worked with at NYU, constantly supported and encouraged him to enroll in an accelerated learning program offered at New York University’s Rory Meyers College of Nursing. As Natalya Pasklinsky, the college’s director in charge of simulation training explained, the accelerated program offers methodical training within a short period of time. This explains why Frank was able to graduate in just fifteen months. Pasklinksy knew Frank very well from the days when he worked as a cleaner and is confident that he will be a very good nurse. Moreover, the director emphasized that Frank performed very well and scored an exemplary 3.6 GPA. Frank would like to work as a nurse in the intensive care unit providing care to patients that need it the most. Despite Frank not being a quick-witted student and having doubts about himself, he always worked hard and never gave up since he always wanted the best and believed that he could achieve what he sets his mind to.

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