Meet 9-year-old Wonder Girl Who Repairs Motorbikes

Susanna Adjakie-Apekor, although being just nine years old, is an expert at repairing motorcycles.

The young girl learned the skill under her father’s supervision and fixed her first motorcycle at the age of six.

Susanna boasted that she could teach anyone how to fix motorcycles at her age and expressed her ambition to have her own shop in the future. She also wants to work on larger vehicles in the future, such as cars, boats, and planes.

 When her father came to see her and her mother, he complained about how busy he was all the time, stating that his mechanic work took up most of his time. Susana then opted to stay with her father and learn about his repair work. Her mother consented to the plan and gave her permission to accompany her father.

Susanna has recently stated that, at her age, she can readily guide anyone through the process of repairing motorcycles. When Susanna first started learning, her father was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to pick up the trade quickly enough, but Susanna proved him wrong. She has, however, conceded that her knowledge isn’t complete, stating that she has yet to master the electrical side of motorbike repair.

Susana, a third-grade student, explained that she is a day student who goes to the mechanic workshop after school.

Indeed, youth is our hope!

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