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Isaiah Gyamfi, a 2-year-old Ghanaian toddler, is attracting worldwide notice as a child prodigy who can count in at least four languages and answer complicated math problems. 

Isaiah has been able to assimilate new material easily since he was a newborn. He began displaying exceptional intelligence at the age of five months, according to his mother, Jazelle, 30, from South London. His capacity to acquire numbers and words in multiple languages, on the other hand, astounded everyone around him. She claimed she spotted him enjoying learning one day while watching a video on YouTube on her phone, so she decided to show him a video about Japanese numbers. 

Isaiah listened to the video over and over until he could recite the numbers from beginning to end, according to Jazelle. In less than 24 hours, he learned to count to 40 in Japanese on his own.

Jazelle, a London-based early childhood education teacher, began preparing a learning environment for Isaiah when he was just four months old. She placed math and literacy flashcards in their living room so that Isaiah could learn visually. 

Months passed, and Isaiah continued to astound his parents by pointing out the correct letters and finally sounding them out using phonics. He also did his own practice writing numbers and completing Math problems.

Jazelle also noted that her kid is interested in learning other languages, so she showed him a Spanish video and gave him Spanish flashcards. He is now fluent in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Twi, Yoruba, and Japanese, among other languages.

Jazelle started an Instagram account for Isaiah to document his academic achievements and post videos. Several individuals have expressed their surprise at how much Isaiah enjoys learning, as evidenced by the videos.

“One day, he was watching a phonics video on my phone as I was cleaning up” the early years teacher recalled. “These videos are all about helping very young children recognize and read words.

“I didn’t think anything of it. But I was walking down the hallway I heard him saying some words in a language I hadn’t heard before. And I quickly went back and realized he was counting in Japanese. He’d clicked on one of the suggested videos that YouTube offers which happened to be about counting from one to 10 in Japanese so that’s what he did.

“I called my partner and we stood where he couldn’t see us because we didn’t want him to be shy. And he would just keep tapping the screen to rewind the video so he could learn the numbers off by heart.

“And from there, he just continued throughout the day, counting in Japanese. I started to learn it myself too so that I can make sure Isaiah was counting correctly.

“A lot of the time, I have to shut out those people who say I might be pressuring him. That’s pure ignorance, they don’t understand. And that’s, okay, you don’t have to understand. But I understand, he’s my child and I know how unbelievably happy he is when he’s learning new things.”

Isaiah will begin school the following year. Jazelle has scheduled an appointment for her kid with an educational psychologist in order to assist him in continuing his growth.

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