Meet this 17-year-old Who Earned Her Nursing Degree Before High School Diploma

Imunique Triplett, 17 years old, chose to take another step into the professional world as she entered her final semester of high school, earning a nursing degree before graduation! 

The Milwaukee adolescent is one of the first to complete the M-Cubed College Connections program, where she got her nursing degree in December, according to the Atlanta Black Star. 

Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC), and the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (UWM) have collaborated on an innovative dual-enrollment program that “allows eligible students to complete their high school graduation requirements while earning college credits from both MATC and UWM at no expense to the student.”

Only 36 slots in the nursing program were designated for Triplett out of a total of 150 candidates. Students can acquire their state certification as a nursing assistant (CNA) and possibly their license as a practical nurse after completing MCAT training (LPN). 

According to recent studies, 82 percent of Milwaukee public school kids are economically disadvantaged. A total of 54 percent of the 77,700 students are African-American, 27 percent are Hispanic, 11 percent are white, and 7 percent are Asian.

During the height of the pandemic, Triplett found a method to balance nursing school and high school, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. She even worked once a week at an understaffed facility, answering call lights, assisting patients with everyday chores, and showing compassion to patients who were separated from their families.

Triplett was skeptical about the medical industry before enrolling in the program.

“I was actually kind of anti-healthcare because I was so scared of body fluids and blood and things like that, so I kind of made my own assumptions about the healthcare field based on what I saw on TV and everything,” she explained to the Atlanta Black Star.

Triplett’s mother, Bonnie Campbell, is proud of her daughter. “She wasn’t into the meds and stuff like that, so I was like, are you sure, because we’ve got to be the ones running you back and forth, so make sure this is what you want to do, and she really surprised me,” Campbell told the news outlet.

Despite her reservations, Triplett changed her mind after learning more about the field.

“I would have had so many regrets, so I’m glad I just went and did it and took that leap of faith into the unknown basically,” Triplett said of her achievement.

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