Quincy Jones’ Seven Children Are The Greatest Part Of Legacy

Quincy Jones, a black musical legend and producer, has had a significant impact on a small number of people. 

He has been nominated for seven Academy Awards for his renowned career spanning more than six decades, during which he was responsible for songs by legendary musical acts ranging from Michael Jackson to Frank Sinatra. Quincy Jones has also gotten 80 Grammy nominations, 28 wins, and a Grammy Legend Award in 1992, according to CNN. 

With all of these honors, it’s no surprise that Jones has amassed a hefty net worth of $500 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. 

But, to be honest, that’s the least he deserves. 

Not bad for a jazz player who used to play!

Quincy Jones has a legacy that will last a lifetime, in addition to his musical and production achievements. His seven children are his pride and delight, and practically all of them have followed in his footsteps. In fact, their jobs are so respectable that they are able to separate themselves from their great father while still honoring his legacy. 

According to her IMDb biography, Jolie Jones Levine, the eldest daughter of Quincy Jones, is hardly recognized outside of her brief career as an actor. 

According to her PetMedicus biography, Rachel Jones was born in 1963 and graduated from the Tuskegee School of Veterinary Medicine in 1999. Quincy Jones’ second daughter is a doctor, that’s right! Alternative remedies are her area of expertise.

Martina Jones is a successful model who divides her time between the United States and her mother’s homeland of Sweden, according to her IMDb biography. Ulla Anderson, her mother, is a legendary model who was formerly represented by Ford Models at the height of her career. 

Quincy Delight Jones III, Quincy’s only son, has followed in his father’s footsteps and is now a producer in his own right, according to his LinkedIn page. He’s collaborated with artists such as Dr. Dre, Tupac Shakur, Ice Cube, and LL Cool J, as well as producing films and television shows for Showtime, VH1, BET, and Nickelodeon.

According to her IMDb page, Kidada Jones is a model and actress who has appeared in various music videos, including Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s “On The Run.” 

Rashida Jones, according to her IMDb website, is an actress who has been in shows such as “Parks & Recreation” and “#BlackAF,” as well as producing credits on “Hot Girls Wanted.” 

She is Quincy Jones’s youngest daughter, Kenya Julia Niambi Sarah Jones. She graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a journalism degree in 2015, according to Vogue, but has since entered the “family business” of modeling. Chanel, Stella McCartney, and Calvin Klein have all used her in campaigns.

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