Samuel L Jackson And His Wife Have Been Married 42 Years Now.

Samuel L Jackson -

When we talk about relationship goals and black love, for some odd reason we forget to mention Samuel L. Jackson and his wife Latanya Richardson.

We live in a time where relationships are rather short and 2-3 years in is considered a long time together, lol. Divorce and break ups are constantly in our newsfeed, songs and media. It’s enough to discouarge the best of us and every now and again we need reminders to show us that love still exist.

Samuel L. Jackson and his wife Latanya have been married and showing us black love for over 40 years now. 42 years to be exact. Power couples are great but how do we define them? Is it money? Is it resources? To me a power couple is one who can ride the rollercoast of life and stay together. Imagine how that type love inspires several generations.

This is the Black love we should strive for. It’s a lot of work I’m sure but it’s beautiful. Black love is beautiful. Shouts to Samuel L. Jackson and his wife and I hope they stay together another 40 years.

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