Stacey Abrams Receives Criticisms For Maskless Photo In Georgia Classroom

Stacey Abrams, a Democrat running for governor in Georgia, is battling other candidates over a photo of her in a classroom full of children without a mask on.

Abrams met with children and teachers at Glenwood Elementary School in Decatur to kick off the school’s third annual African American read-in.

Dr. Holly Brookins, the school’s principal, shared four photos of Abram’s visit on her Twitter account on Friday. Abrams is not visible wearing a mask in three of the photographs.

According to a representative for Abrams’ campaign, she donned a mask to the event but removed it while reading and taking pictures with the pupils and so that children who were not present could hear her.

Her Republican foes, on the other hand, didn’t take long to attack her.

“Stacey Abrams wants state government mask mandates for Georgians and their children. But it looks like they wouldn’t apply when she’s attending a photo op,” Gov. Brian Kemp wrote on Twitter.

Former U.S. Sen. David Perdue tweeted “We all know Stacey Abrams’ hypocrisy knows no bounds. Liberals’ thirst for power during this pandemic has caused enormous damage to our kids, while the elite like Stacey continue living their lives.”

In a statement posted on her Instagram account, Abrams’ team slammed her opponents for launching a “false political attack.”

“This pathetic, transparent and silly attack is beneath anyone who claims he wants to lead Georgia,” Abrams continued, adding that her opponents continue to hunt for ways to divert from their poor record.

On May 24, Georgia’s primary election will pit the contenders against one other at the polls.

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