Sweet Aunt Surprises Nephew With a Limo Ride for His 10th Birthday

An aunt gave a 10-year-old boy a surprise limo ride for his birthday as the greatest gift. 

The boy, who had never been inside a limousine before, was surprised by his aunt Nita, who shared the wonderful moment on Twitter.

“My nephew said [he’s] never [seen] a limo in real life, so I surprised him [and] pulled up to his school in one for his birthday,” she said on Twitter.

The boy approaches the limo in the 50-second film and is met by his aunt and another familiar figure. As he approached the vehicle, the two women exclaimed, “What’s up!”

He took a short walk away as he sought to recover from his astonishment.

“Happy Birthday,” the woman yelled as another female said, “You know I do too much.”

The child then asked, “I thought you were at work?” before his aunt responded, “I was at work but I had to leave early [because] it was your birthday. You turn 10 today.”

“So I had to leave work early, I had to come pick you upright,” she continued.

The driver was then seen opening the passenger door allowing the teen to enter and continue his birthday celebrations. 

The video has since received 2.1 million views on Twitter, as well as a slew of positive responses praising the aunt’s efforts.

“He’s going to remember that for the rest of his life. Giving a kid a great birthday has a lasting effect especially because so many adults don’t celebrate their birthdays because they didn’t get anything as a kid,” one user wrote.

“The way this got me teary-eyed. Love seeing Black kids being loved and celebrated and spoiled. Happy birthday to your nephew and you are such a cool aunt,” another user said.

The “Auntie of the Year” didn’t stop there, as the child’s aunt shared another video of her taking him to a live WWE bout.

You can view the story on this Twitter post:

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