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    Extraordinary Girl Born Without Hands Won National Handwriting Competition

    Some people are simply born exceptional, as this 11-year-old girl demonstrates. Anaya Ellick, then seven years old, won a national handwriting competition in 2016. She competed against 50 other children from across the country. But what makes her truly remarkable is that she accomplished this despite being born without hands. “There is truly very little […] More

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    Tamela Mann Shares Her Inspiring Weight Loss Transformation

    Tamela Mann, an award-winning gospel singer, has dropped an astounding amount of weight after changing her lifestyle and has published before and after photos on Instagram. Tamela Mann, a Grammy winner, has struggled with her weight her entire life. She became an Ambassador for WW, formerly Weight Watchers, in 2019, and her commitment to a […] More

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    How a Former Prisoner Expanded An Underwear Line For Kids, With Help From Beyoncé

    Yolanda Perkins, the founder and CEO of Undies by BlendiTone, a line of underwear for children of color, has faced numerous challenges throughout her life. She has gone from being a prison inmate to a successful entrepreneur who advocates for Black children’s representation. She is also a supporter of the reintegration of ex-prisoners.  Yolanda couldn’t […] More

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    Owner of the First Black-Owned Bank was Once a Slave

    The tale of Rev. William Washington Browne, a former Georgia slave who formed the first-ever Black-owned bank in America, is told in the history of The Savings Bank of the Grand Fountain United Order of True Reformers. The bank, which was founded in 1888, opened with more than $1,269 in deposits on the first day.  […] More

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    Grandma & granddaughter will graduate from TSU together

    A grandmother and granddaughter will walk across the college graduation stage together.On Saturday, Theresa Lyles, 68, and her granddaughter Zuri Lyles, 22, will get their Tennessee State University diplomas. Theresa began attending TSU in 1967, but left after a few years to raise her family.She now has 15 grandchildren.Theresa will graduate with a bachelor’s degree […] More

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    A heartwarming story out of Sugarland, Texas, has been making waves on social media. A pre-K student named August has a Black woman as her teacher, who not only educates her at school but also has the exact same haircut as her. At the end of January, Lakeview Elementary teacher Leigh Bishop posted a photo […] More