Edgard Augustin Inspires as He Became the Bodybuilding Champion Despite Having Amputated Legs

Bionic Body has defied all obstacles to become a bodybuilding champion.

When he was four years old, the father-of-three from French Guiana lost both of his legs in an automobile accident.

When his mother lost control of the automobile while transporting his family to a party, he was killed.

The 35-year-old IFBB (International Federation of BodyBuilding and Fitness) Pro disclosed all that transpired that night in an interview with SunSport.

Edgard John-Augustin, as he is otherwise known, said: “We were going to a wedding, my mum was driving and my brothers and sisters were in the car too.”

“My mum lost the control of the car and we had a car accident. My big brother lost one of his legs, I lost my two legs.”

“A man found us on the road and took my brother and I in his car and drove us to the hospital. He saved our lives that day.”

“We probably ruined his car with our blood.”

“I am very grateful to this man. It’s very hard for my mum because she feels guilty her whole life, but thanks to her I am the man I am today.”

He has spoken up about the difficulties he endured as a double amputee growing up.

Talking about life after the accident, he said: “It was hard because we had [with my brother] to go to France for surgery and rehabilitation.

“I was so young, scared, injured and far from my parents. When I was a kid I learned to run, ride a bike and hide on trees like every other kid.

“But I was often on a wheelchair because of surgeries I had to have. When I was a teenager I was kinda shy, overweight and I was hiding my handicap.”

But after moving to France, where he now lives, at the age of 20, and hitting the gym, he discovered his passion in life.

Since then, he has won multiple bodybuilding competitions, including the 2015 European Wheelchair IFBB Championship.

Bionic Body has also worked with a slew of legendary bodybuilders, including Ronnie Coleman and Lee Haney.

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger was astounded by his amazing body.

Speaking about when he met Arnie, he said: “I met him 2 times. The first time was at the Arnold Class in Spain, just after winning the European championship in 2015.”

“I saw a crowd come in and then walk away and I saw him he greeted me, congratulated me on what I was doing and then he crouched down and posted a snap saying something like, ‘what’s your excuses if he can do it?’.”

“The second times he congratulated me on my progresses. It’s a real honour and I will never forget those days, he is a true legend.”

His impressive physique is the consequence of countless hours spent pumping weights in the gym.

He works out six times a week in the gym, does fasted cardio every morning, and hasn’t had a cheat meal since March.

However, due to his condition, he is limited in what he can accomplish in the gym.

He continued: “I learn to adapt my life to my handicap. I grew up with it, so it’s a part of me.”

“I have to adapt my legs training because I have no balance so for example I can’t do a free squat.”

“I often have injuries due to my prosthetics and my activities, but it doesn’t stop me, I continue even with the pain, no matter what.”

“If I don’t do it, nobody will do it for me. This is my mantra, what my mum used to tell me.”

As a professional, he is no longer permitted to compete with other wheelchair athletes, which he feels is his biggest triumph.

“Since I am an IFBB professional bodybuilder, I am not allowed to compete with disabled athletes any longer,” the brave social media star explained.

“For me, this is my biggest achievement, being on stage with amazing athletes.”

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