The cast of ‘Martin’ Reunites to Celebrate Show’s 30th Anniversary 

Martin’s cast recently taped a special to commemorate the Fox comedy’s 30th anniversary. 

According to Deadline, the reunion event will appear on BET+ later this year, hosted by Affion Crockett. 

Martin was a popular 1990s comedy about a Detroit media personality, his girlfriend, and their circle of pals. Martin Lawrence, who also served as the show’s executive producer, portrayed the main character as well as various comic and costumed characters. BET+ is presently streaming all five seasons of Martin. 

Lawrence will be reunited with Tisha Campbell, Tichina Arnold, and Carl Anthony Payne II, the surviving members of the Martin cast, in the upcoming special. Thomas Mikal Ford, the film’s fifth prominent co-star, died in 2016.

“To be able to sit here 30 years later with this amazing cast that has had such an impact on pop culture is truly a blessing,” Lawrence said, as reported by Deadline. “I am always humbled that the fans still want more of the show and its characters. I am looking forward to the reunion special.”

Over the course of the show’s five-year existence, dozens of Black actors and artists, including Tracy Morgan, Kim Coles, Chris Rock, Snoop Dogg, and others, stopped by and delighted its audience, according to Deadline. 

Interviews with the actors, original directors, musical performances, and behind-the-scenes commentary on the effect and value of the cult-classic sitcom are expected to be included in the special.

“Martin is one of the most beloved sitcoms in our community,” opined BET Chief Executive Officer Scott Mills, “both because it is hugely entertaining and because it played a pivotal role in changing the narrative of Black voices in entertainment and in culture through the portrayal of young, ambitious Black leads and healthy Black relationships. Decades later, that representation is still just as important, which is why we’re so excited to honor a series that put Black culture front and center on our platform that embraces Black culture every day.”

Lawrence is set to star in an English-language adaptation of an Israeli sitcom called Nehama, which is about a man who quits his career in computing to pursue stand-up comedy, as previously reported by Variety. The series is said to explore what it means to “have it all,” as the protagonist struggles to pursue his ambition when his wife passes away, leaving him to raise their five children. 

Lawrence told Variety in unveiling his new series and its focus on a modern African American family, “Nehama has heart and real-life complications that drew me to the project.”  “I am looking forward to getting back to TV, and this is a perfect fit.”

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