Will Smith Wins First Golden Globes Award For ‘King Richard’

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Will Smith has once again proven that his acting abilities are deserving of praise!

The actor, rapper, and film producer has dominated the entertainment business for years as one of its most renowned members; but, the 53-year-old hasn’t accomplished everything.

The odds were finally in favor of the “After Earth” actor on Sunday, January 9, when he got his first Golden Globe Award after being nominated five times previously.

The father-of-three was nominated for two Golden Globes in 1993 and 1994 for his performance on “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air,” a popular comedy series.

Following these defeats, the rapper-turned-actor was nominated for an Academy Award in 2002 for his compelling portrayal of Muhammad Ali, the legendary boxer.

In 2007 and 2016, the “Men In Black” star was nominated for “The Pursuit Of Happyness” and “Concussion,” both of which he lost. With his sixth Golden Globe nomination, though, the tables turned.

For the prestigious best actor in a motion film prize, Smith defeated a formidable list of nominations, including Denzel Washington, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Javier Bardem.

In the 2021 biopic “King Richard,” the legendary entertainer was lauded for his emotive depiction of Richard Williams, father of tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams.

The film, directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green and produced by the Grand Slam Sisters, told the story of Richard’s plan to mold his daughters into tennis stars while they were still young.

The “Aladdin” star’s outstanding performance won over spectators and Rotten Tomatoes critics, who gave him a perfect score of 90 percent.

The Blast published some interesting information regarding the biopic “King Richard” in November, including the true center of the emotional rollercoaster.

Despite being a “predominantly white male sport,” the movie focused on Richard’s ambition to provide a better life for his children by training his daughters to become professional tennis players.

The father’s ambition to get his family out of their Compton area led him into a demanding, unyielding, and overbearing individual as he attempted to achieve this aim.

“King Richard” was based on the tale of their father, who inspired them to play tennis, rather than how Venus and Serena became the unchallenged champs they are today.

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