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‘Call Tyrone’ | Louisiana man goes viral with 9 odd jobs

Tyrone Smith, a 27-year-old Houma resident, created a business out of his nine odd jobs. 

A 27-year-old Houma man has converted his nine odd jobs into a business after being laid off twice. 

Tyrone Smith, who lives in Houma, Louisiana, offers everything from “hire a husband” services to food delivery, giving new meaning to the phrase “You can call Tyrone.” 

Cheryl Eschete stated, “I’m glad he does what he does; he’s a true hustler.” On Valentine’s Day, Smith drew a portrait for her husband. 

It all began when Smith lost his three-year employment. When an oil field went down, Smith was working for an energy business.

Smith added, “I cried because I was there for such a long time.” 

Making simple decisions like whether to buy food or gas became a daily struggle after he lost his job. As a result, he began doing odd jobs.

“Lawncare, pressure washing, moving services. I rent bounce houses,” Smith said.

Drawing photographs of families and washing dishes in Houma homes are just a few of the occupations available. But it wasn’t until a video touting his services went viral on social media that his business really took off. His nine odd jobs are now flourishing. 

Morris Chaisson stated, “He didn’t have the highest education, but he didn’t let that stop him from pursuing what he wanted to do.” “It’s as if he just grabbed it and ran with it, and now he’s thriving.” 

The days of having to choose between a bag of chips and a tank of gas are long gone. 

Smith added, “It’s very cool that I could turn nothing into something.” 

He redefines the term “hometown hero,” demonstrating once again how the Houma community comes together to help one another when times are bad.

“Tyrone is inspirational to me,” Chaisson said. “Seeing his hard work, his hustle. It drives me to be a better version of myself because he had all odds against him.”

Smith gets a new job as a school bus driver. However, he is frequently contacted for his other services. You may find him on Facebook and Instagram at @Real 24 7 if you’d like to hire him. Alternatively, you could simply “Call Tyrone” at 985-414-5727.

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