Viral Tiktok Video Shows a Woman had over 2K on Her Food Stamp Card Sparks Debate

After she went shopping with food stamp money, a woman’s TikTok video has gotten 685,000 views so far. After seeing the video provided by @cam kamera, a controversy erupted among TikTokers, and viewers are split. 

The video states, “When I realized I had almost $2K on my food stamp card,” as DJ iMarkkeyz’s Jacquees National Anthem Remix plays overhead. The TikToker smiled as she removed her mask in a supermarket shop.

Following that, we saw her carrying something in a jar while the song’s “free” played in the background. The same line played again as she held up a rack of meat.

@cam kamera took a video of herself posing with food, including a rack of lamb and chicken breasts, and shared it on Instagram. “Thank you, Lord,” she said in the overlay text. “When I found I had over 2K on my food stamp card,” she wrote in the caption. 

It’s a lighthearted and humorous video, but as one of the top comments put it, “Enjoy!” They’ll be tussling in the comments.”

“Without reading the comments, I already know it’s some maddddddddd folks who refuse to use the resources they have access to as well,” another commentator wrote regarding the attitude of many watching the food stamps video.

The video has received about 2,800 comments and has been viewed over 560,000 times.

One woman commented, “Crying in the middle class.” Replying to the comment, another wrote, “Real tears because this single-parent teacher hasn’t been to a nail salon since 2006 and never received ANY type of assistance.” @cam_kamera replied, in regards to the food stamps, “I’m a nail tech, so I do my own nails. The business was slow for me during and after the pandemic. I needed this.”

@cam_kamera also commented, “I’m so glad I didn’t throw the [food stamp card] away y’all.” One woman said she had a similar experience, “Girl, I checked my card one day and had $1,800 in there.”

While one viewer had a question. “Not hating on her,” they began in a comment. “What I don’t understand is how are there children going to bed hungry if the government is giving away that kind of money?”

She’d recently moved to Houston from Washington state and had applied for assistance, according to the follow-up video. But she didn’t hear anything and figured she’d been turned down for food stamps until she decided to double-check online. If they applied for food stamps, she reminded them to check their cards.

“Check that number. If I tell you I won the lottery, you would think I did,” @cam_kamera said about her newly found food stamp card funds.

Texans who meet the eligibility requirements can apply for SNAP assistance online. 

The TikToker was contacted by The Daily Dot for comment.


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