David And Tamela Mann Have Been Married 30+ Years Now

David And Tamela Mann

“We never give anything the same weight that we give our marriage and family because any time you balance something, you give it weight to balance it. Our marriage, our family, our relationship far outweighs anything we’ll do in this industry or in this business.”

When asked how they keep the spark alive after so many years, Tamela just responds, “I do things to keep him turned on; it is never a dull moment. I try to give him a different lady- I may try to change my hair color or change up something, especially in the bedroom. I try to make sure he is keeping his eye on me.”

“One day we can try to make love,” David adds. “We hanging off the door until we can’t breathe!”

Tamela continues,” We talk about everything. If something happens, we try not to go to bed angry with each other and whatever upsets me, we talk about it. Even if it takes calming down for a few minutes and then going back to it. We don’t let things fester for a long time. We keep it all out in the open and we don’t have any agendas. Everything is together- there are no separate accounts. Everything has both of our names on it. This is how we keep everything open in our relationship so we can always put everything on the table.”

David and Tamela Mann have constantly remained on television for almost a decade, with credits including Meet the Browns, Mann & Wife, and It’s a Mann’s World. Now, according to Shadow and Act, the singing/acting pair has signed on for their own hour-long docu-series, The Manns, which will follow David and Tamela Mann and their enormous family on a daily basis.

The show’s official synopsis is as follows:

‘The Manns’ will reveal the often hilarious and sometimes controversial interactions between David and Tamela, their four grown children, eight grandchildren and a slew of friends, extended family and other characters that enrich the lives of the entertainment power couple. With recording careers, touring, filming and managing an outrageous family, The Manns often find themselves negotiating from the conference table to the kitchen table while showing viewers the day-to-day challenges, successes and joy that happen behind the scenes with this beloved couple who has been married for 29 years.’

Following their public display of passion, they left their fans and followers in a state of intense jealousy. The snapshot that was published showed the lovely couple hugging one another and staring at the camera.

David wore a black sweater in the photos, while Tamela looked stunning on her patterned top. Their smiles were so endearing, with Tamela’s dimples gracefully adorning her face.

As they celebrated each other in the caption, the couple’s love was wonderful. They had been committed to loving, living, dreaming, creating, and playing together for 33 years and had never looked back, according to their message.

Their millions of admirers and followers expressed their admiration for the duo and wished them well. A fan commented: “happy anniversary! Thanks for being such models of Christ, love, transparency, and authenticity.”

Marriage to the right person is one of life’s most rewarding events. The gospel singers, who had known each other since high school, were in this situation.

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