Deion Sanders Said The Biggest Challenge Of Having His Toes Amputated ‘Was To Look Down There’

Deion Sanders, a former NFL great and current renowned football coach, recently revealed that a foot surgery he had last year resulted in blood clot-related problems, and two of his toes had to be amputated as a result.

Despite the fact that Sanders, also known as “Coach Prime,” had his leg amputated late last year, the news leaked early yesterday morning on Instagram. He shared a sneak peek of the latest installment of his Barstool Sports docuseries, which aired in its entirety later that day.

The “very emotional” aspect of the amputation, which claimed Sanders’ left big toe and second toe, is immediately explored in his upload.

“The hardest thing of it all was to look down there and see that and understand ‘Once upon a time, you were this type of athlete, and now you don’t even know if you gon’ walk.’ Because all you feel is pain, and you just wanna get out of this hospital,” the 54-year-old Jackson State coach says in the clip.

While the video is depressing and upsetting, Sanders made an effort to lighten the situation with a grateful and upbeat Instagram remark.

“I told y’all we were gonna show it all in this documentary and that’s what this is. I got to warn ya This ain’t a pretty sight! I may have lost a couple of soldiers in the battle but I never lost my faith in God! I endured a lot while I was in the hospital during our historic season but I am so thankful for GOD being there to help pull me through,” Sanders wrote.

“I am so thankful for those who sent messages of faith and those who visited me during this troubling time. This episode of Coach Prime is an emotional one and you all deserve to know what went down so that’s exactly what we gon show you! I Love y’all and am elated to be on my way back,” he continued.

The amputation followed eight previous procedures on the 54-year-old superstar, as well as a lengthy hospital stay during which he dropped around 35 pounds. 

Despite the fact that Sanders’ amputation was rarely publicized, the entire incident occurred behind closed doors while Jackson State University was still enjoying a good football season. This would have been around the time Sanders was elected the Southwestern Athletic Conference Coach of the Year (SWAC). 

Sanders has been publicly sharing the insights he’s gained during this journey since breaking the news. 

“Everyone has something that they’re going thru & dealing with that’s causing them stress & discomfort. Be careful with people & try love & compassion 1st. If that don’t work pray & then walk away peacefully. Just know everything ain’t what u think it is everytime,” he tweeted earlier today.

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