Snoop Dogg reminisces Helping Rapper Benny The Butcher Get Paid His Worth In Def Jam Deal 

When Snoop Dogg isn’t obtaining new deals for himself, he’s assisting in the placement of other artists. 

The emcee-turned-executive creative and strategy consultant for Def Jam, AfroTech, previously revealed that he discovered voiceover artist L. Michelle and featured her on his most recent album, “Algorithm.” 

Snoop Dogg has now revealed how he assisted fellow rapper Benny The Butcher. 

According to Revolt, in a conversation with Hip-Hop journalist Elliott Wilson, he discussed assisting the Buffalo, NY native in securing a better deal with Def Jam that correctly reflected the lucrative lane he’s made in Hip-Hop. 

“He’s like, ‘Oh man, they lowballed me.’ I said, ‘Lowballed you? They don’t know who you is?’” Snoop said.

He continued: “I’m going to call the boss. You’re going to tell the boss what you want, and he’s going to give you what you want and you’re going to sign.”

According to reports, the OG advising Benny to put his foot down led to him signing a deal worth more money. 

Snoop’s time at Def Jam is all about mentoring the label’s new artists to become superstars and pushing them to fight for what they deserve, as an artist who knows the ins and outs of the industry.

“You can bring me in to do executive shit, but remember I’m an artist, so I’m going to always pattern it for the artist. Especially hip hop artists…,” he told Wilson, according to Revolt. “You never know what you’re worth until you overcharge. That’s what we need to know. A lot of times, we be scared. I go in and overcharge.”

Snoop is a man who wears many hats, and as the owner of Death Row Records, he put on yet another. In addition, as previously reported by AfroTech, the CEO is working on ways to help virtual artists. 

“Death Row will be an NFT label,” he said on Clubhouse. “We will be putting out artists through the metaverse. Just like we broke the industry when we was the first independent [label] to be major, I want to be the first major [label] in the metaverse.”

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