L.A. Reid Sets Internet Ablaze When He Suggests Beyoncé-Mariah Carey Verzuz

Indeed, nothing is impossible! Two of the best to ever do it will go head-to-head.

L.A. Reid, the music mogul Reid sparked outrage on social media after claiming that no one, not even Beyoncé, could beat Mariah Carey in a Verzuz.

Reid spoke on “The Real” recently and discussed the potential matchup between Carey and Beyonce.

As he turned to face the nearest camera lens, Reid remarked, “Bring that on,” “Come on, man. The fans that they both have, the hits they have, the legacy they have.

“B’s the Queen, we know B’s the Queen, right? Sometimes, Mariah might sometimes be slightly underrated for how long her career has lasted, how many hits she has, and she practically owns Christmas. I think that’d be a good one,” Reid added.

Both legends have a long history of complementing one another.

In an interview, Beyoncé said, “I feel like Mariah Carey’s voice comes from God.” “You can hear the Gospel in her voice.”

On Twitter, fans were quick to express their opinions on Reid’s planned showdown. Many were in surprise, disbelief, and thrilled. For them, it isn’t everyday that you could see two queens gracing the stage. However, this planned showdown also sparked a fanwar between the avid fans of Beyonce and Carey, arguing about who really is the better one.

On the Billboard Hot 100, Carey has 19 No. 1 hits, 28 No. 10 hits, and 49 songs. On the Billboard Hot 100, Beyoncé has seven No. 1 hits, 19 top 10 hits, and 65 tracks.

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