Ryan Coogler Says His Wife is the Reason Why He Became Successful

The term “relationship goals” is bandied around far too casually these days. Mostly because, ladies, there are levels to that nonsense. It’s not an aim to buy a costly pocketbook or shoe. It isn’t an aim to go on a vacation. It’s also not an aim to eat at a high-end restaurant.

Ryan Coogler, the director of Black Panther, is well-versed in both blockbusters and relationship goals. He was named one of Time’s “30 People Under 30 Changing the World” in 2013. Critics have praised his work for focusing on underrepresented cultures and individuals, particularly Black people.

He has worked with actor Michael ‘Bae’ Jordan on several occasions, and he has acted in all of his feature films. He was also selected as the runner-up for Time’s “Person of the Year” in 2018. 

Essentially, he is just interested in moving the culture ahead; this is his passion. And with blockbusters like Fruitvale Station, Creed, and Space Jam: A New Legacy under his belt, we can see why. After all, Black Panther has amassed a worldwide gross of $1.3 BILLION. 

One of Coogler’s lecturers urged him to take up screenwriting, which he fell in love with when he was a college student playing football and planning to go to medical school if becoming an athlete didn’t work out. He didn’t have the resources to accomplish the assignment correctly because he was a broke college student. Instead, he’d type screenplays in Microsoft Word, which he described as “impossible” on the Ebro in the Morning radio show.

But then my wife, she was my girl at the time, they had a software where you could write screenplays. I was trying to write in Microsoft Word. It’s impossible because your format gotta be right. I was broke, playing football on the little scholarship money. And my wife scraped together some cheese and bought me Final Draft, which is the software that you write your movies on. And she got me that.”

Since then, they’ve taken over Hollywood by collaborating on projects, founding Proximity Media (a production firm), and obtaining lucrative television series deals with Disney. Despite keeping their personal lives discreet, the power couple welcomed their first child in 2019. Although the pair haven’t revealed the gender of the child, Coogler has stated that he hopes for a young girl…or numerous females. He told The YBF:

“I found I want daughters real, real bad. Like plural. I thought, making ‘Fruitvale Station’, I want kids. But like, on this one, I have to have some daughters.”

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