Watch How This Man Performed CPR on Dog and Saved its Life

After saving the life of a dog who had collapsed outside a park in Los Angeles, California, a man has been acclaimed a hero. 

The dog was given cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) by the guy, who was eventually identified as Jay. The video of the touching deed has since gone viral. 

Best Fetch Dog Dad, Jay’s Instagram account, shared the now-viral video. A page called Goodable later reshared it on Twitter. 

Jay can be seen compressing the dog’s chest in the 46-second video, which was captured by a spectator, after finding the dog wasn’t breathing. He even administered CPR to the dog. After great effort, the dog finally wriggled a little and began to breathe.

“Come on Stone, you got it baby,” Jay said as the canine regained consciousness.

“This man was out for a walk when he noticed a dog had collapsed on the sidewalk. He ran up, performed CPR, and saved the dog’s life. #Humanity,” reads the caption of the post.

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